A uniquely designed package made up of 8 parts – all creating a WHOLE inner synergy experience.

We are complex beings and truly amazing when we know how to use our internal dashboard. So are you ready to know more about YOU and what you are truly capable of?

The Iron Package Includes:

Learn with ease. Eight subjects laid out in simple yet effective weekly practices. Estimated minimum time frame 8 weeks.

Self Coaching Audios, experiential tips and techniques for healing and relaxation, the Information Station and meet ‘Dave’. Dave is a little way ahead of you and as he moves through each subject you’ll have a chance to see how he’s getting on.

    • How do I Ground and what does that even mean?
    • Balance me Balance my life (Energy Centres)
    • Breathe and reconnect with yourself
    • Learn about Energy Boundaries and create your own Energy Platform
    • What life is mirroring to you and what you can do about it
    • Soothing wobbles within the: Mind, Body and Emotions, for health, vibrancy and connection
    • What is energy and how do I work with it to improve my life?
    • Learn to live an aligned life and self synergise for effective and multi-sensory living

Cost: £111